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People love our bread. They go crazy for our fluffy-soft irresistible slider buns and sweet rolls. In fact, consumers enjoy KING’S HAWAIIAN® all year long, and 82% of our bread is eaten during non-holiday weeks!

  • A chance to win cash prizes, including
    • (1) Operator Grand Prize - $10,000
    • (1) Operator Second Prize - $5,000
    • (1) Operator Third Prize - $5,000
  • Plus...
    • Unbeatable operator support
    • Chef-developed recipes, from the KING’S HAWAIIAN® kitchen to yours
    • Unique restaurant-ready point-of-sale materials
    • Free national media exposure of the KING’S HAWAIIAN® brand to get your customers excited


How will it work?
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Fill out and submit the form below, confirming your commitment to menu KING’S HAWAIIAN® Bread for a minimum of 8 weeks, between October 1, 2022 and January 14, 2023. You will receive a confirmation notification from a KING’S HAWAIIAN® Foodservice team member. Once you make an order, you will receive login information, allowing access to all available Sliderdays resources, including amazing slider recipes, exciting point-of-sale materials for your operation, and a QR code for guests to enter the retail sweepstakes happening at the same time. Start cooking! We’ll take care of the bread, so all you have to do is cook up the most delicious sliders ever. Feature them as LTOs, happy hour specials, or shareable appetizers for the table. The sky is the limit. Get creative!

For more information for how this works, please CONTACT US.

What’s required to participate
It's Easy!

To participate in KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sliderdays, an Operator needs to meet the following requirement:

  • Use KING’S HAWAIIAN® Bread on your menu for a minimum of 8 weeks between October 1, 2022 and January 14, 2023.
Operator Support

By signing up for KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sliderdays, Operators receive exclusive access to best-in-class support, chef-developed recipes, how-to videos, and more. It will be easy to let your customers know you’re offering KING’S HAWAIIAN® Bread with a wide range of point-of-sale materials you can use across your operation.

KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sliderdays participants also receive exclusive Digital Support to promote your new Hawaiian menu item. Digital Support covers Paid Social Media as well as Delivery Reimbursement, up to $100 per location*.

Funding for Digital Support is tiered, based on Chain and Independent store count structure at $100 per location*.

of Locations
  • *Offer is limited to the first 1,000 restaurants that sign up.
  • To receive digital support reimbursement, upon completion of the program, submit a completed W-9, a KING’S HAWAIIAN Vendor Form and final invoice of Digital Support to foodservice@kingshawaiian.com.
  • Operators are responsible for setting up their own promotions.
Sweepstakes Prize Package Details

Enrollment in KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sliderdays gives Operators an entry in the sweepstakes, with three opportunities to win cash prizes.

  • (1) Operator Grand Prize - $10,000
  • (1) Operator Second Prize - $5,000
  • (1) Operator Third Prize - $5,000

Sliderdays restaurant-ready signage may include a QR code, linking your guests to enter the KING’S HAWAIIAN® Million Dollar Showdown Sweepstakes.

Click here for full KING’S HAWAIIAN® Sliderdays official rules.

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